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Paula E

June 21, 2016
2:49:13 PM

Entry #: 4200558
GCDTA will be receiving FINAL PAYMENTS from our parents based on the schedule listed below.

Please begin spreading the word so we do not leave anyone out!

Friday - June 24th 6p - 7p McDonald's on Broadway (near South Garland HS)

Saturday - June 25th 10a - 12p McDonald's on George Bush and Shiloh

Sunday - June 26th 2p - 4p Audubon Rec Center

Brianna T

June 22, 2016
10:23:50 PM

Entry #: 4200698
Hello My name is Brianna Turner My husband is Head coach cougars 5th grade. We have a daughter 7 years old and she would like to participate. We need to know some information as far as money. How much is registration and all other expenses. I see the dates and places on the site but no prices. can you please email me at or give me a call at 2144860762

Thank you
Brianna Turner

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