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Author TOPIC: 3rd & 4th grade CHEER CAMP....LOCATION CHANGE
Paula E

August 4, 2016
11:16:33 PM

Entry #: 4205022
3rd & 4th Grade CHEER CAMP......LOCATION CHANGE....

Due to the current ongoing renovations at Lakeview High School, the NEW location for the 3rd & 4th grade CHEER CAMP will be Lyles Middle School.

The start time is 6:00 pm.

Parents... as there is also ongoing road construction on the road to Lyles we ask that you also be aware of any potential detours.

We are sincerely sorry for any and all inconveniences, however, we are confident in knowing you, as the parents, understand all these situations are out of the control of our coaches, the cheerleaders at Lakeview HS and GCDTA and together we will overcome them!

Now let's prepare for an awesome CHEER CAMP!

Paula E

August 9, 2016
9:24:43 AM

Entry #: 4205563
3rd & 4th grade Cheer Camp will be held at LYLES MIDDLE SCHOOL - August 11 - 13th.

Wednesday - Friday -
Arrival time: 545p - 6p

Arrival time: 745a - 8a

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