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Paula E

September 20, 2016
10:08:33 AM

Entry #: 4208730

Our sincerest apologies....We are having to reschedule the date and time for SPIRIT TEAM fittings at the request of the vendor.

The NEW date and time will be:

WEDNESDAY - OCT. 5th from 7p to 8p at Audubon Rec Center.

Participation is open for those who are currently in Kindergarten thru 6th grade that missed out signing up during the ANNUAL registration period in March OR Any CURRENT Pep Squad Member who would like to participate during the basketball season (new uniform / registration fees apply)

The Spirit Team is composed of Cheerleaders and a Dance Team that will be assigned to their own team that does not already have an assigned cheer squad and/or dance team. The Spirit Team members will perform during the Basketball season ONLY. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to join our organization now and to stay involved going into our Spring Registration.


NEW participants is $50.00 PLUS $100.00Uniform cost ($150.00)

Any CURRENT Pep Squad member that wishes to be a part of the Spirit Team, their Registration fee is will be waived. However, their Spirit Team Uniform cost will be $100.00.

New Fitting date / time will be held October 5th - Wednesday

from 7p - 8p at Audubon Rec. Center.

ALL Monies will be due at time of fitting in the form of cashier check or money order only.

Thank you.

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