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Author TOPIC: Javelin Form
Carlos N

March 23, 2016
8:44:09 PM

Entry #: 4194082
For anyone curious what the javelin throw should look like, here is Kara Patterson (now Kara Winger) setting the American Record with a classic and efficient form:

Carlos N

March 23, 2016
9:00:08 PM

Entry #: 4194083
Technical explanation of Javelin Throw

Carlos N

March 26, 2016
12:25:47 PM

Entry #: 4194228
Whoops! - Technical Explanation

Carlos N

May 1, 2016
10:54:38 AM

Entry #: 4196479

Above: Excellent Reference for the specifics of Javelin
Below: Good footage of the last American record holder in Jav and what was PERFECT form

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