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Author TOPIC: 6/3/14 League Results

June 4, 2014
11:21:21 PM

Entry #: 4129463
32 golfers played last night. We played in foursomes, but not with your teammate. After the scores were posted in the computer the 2-man teams were randomly selected by the computer. Team scores were based on 70% handicaps. Scores follow:

40 Bob McCurdy Ron Clark

38 Greg Smittle Darrell Joyner

Jim Frassato Andy Flynn

Don Smith Dan Reid

37 Dave Shaw Charlie Smoot

36 Hank Hannaken Aaron Fisher

Mike Lamb David Lawler

35 Bob Emery Brian Lewis

Jerome George Bob Purcell

34 Kevin McConnell Dan Brewer

Tim Crosby Jesse Barge, Jr.

33 Tied for 4th 0.5 P.O.T.Y. points per man

Mike Dover Glenn Tetzlaff

Mark Goldman Ron Eckiss

32 3rd Place 2 P.O.T.Y. points per man

Dutch Doelitzsch Lyle Landstrom

31 2nd Place 4 P.O.T.Y. points per man

Earl Joyner John Kronsbein

29 1st Place 5 P.O.T.Y. points per man

Allen Fowler Mike Tison

I also ran the scores in the computer with 100% of handicaps, and the team results didn't change but the team scores were lower.

There were 6 gross skins:

Allen Fowler Hole # 1 3

Ron Eckiss Hole # 3 2

Earl Joyner Hole # 4 3

Dan Reid Hole # 6 3

Jesse Barge, Jr. Hole # 8 3

Allen Fowler Hole # 9 3

Good Eagle Allen

There were 4 Net Skins:
Allen Fowler Hole # 1
Ron Eckiss Hole # 3
Dan Reid Hole # 6
Allen Fowler Hole # 9

P.O.T.Y. Standings will be updated shortly.

Check the website for upcoming weekend events.

Match Play pairings were drawn last night, and are posted downstairs near the Handicap Computer. The first round matches need to be completed by Sunday June 22. If you have not played before then there will be a tee time at 9:00 am for all unplayed first round matches on June 22. Contact Jesse in the pro shop.

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