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Author TOPIC: Tonites game status

May 25, 2005
10:04:22 AM

Entry #: 864439
Make every effort to play tonite. If the field is in any way playable lets suit up. Otherwise it was a waste to play that game last friday because any rust that was shed will be grown back by next week, when we are scheduled again. Call me


May 25, 2005
10:19:16 AM

Entry #: 864472
Not to mention I already got a 30 pack of bud light sitting in my trunk. Let's get muddy.


May 25, 2005
1:55:54 PM

Entry #: 864944
The game is off tonight.

We would need a canoe to get to first base.

Higgy...that 30 pack can keep until Tuesday.



May 26, 2005
10:58:36 AM

Entry #: 866587
keep it on ice... unless you pound them this weekend

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