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Author TOPIC: good luck in playoffs

November 9, 2007
8:52:09 PM

Entry #: 2467195
Good luck to all Raider teams in the playoffs,have fun, play Raider football, show good sportmanship win or lose. I hope all of you get to experience playing in the Super Bowl.

John Frank "I Hop"

November 10, 2007
10:15:06 AM

Entry #: 2467640
Uncle Ant, we will not let you down. We are all going to play hard and win today. I will let you know how many pancackes I have.

Uncle Ant

November 10, 2007
4:06:23 PM

Entry #: 2467979
Hurry and let me know Plankton, I have the syrup ready for the pancakes.

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