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Author TOPIC: Brad Newland

November 18, 2007
8:34:08 PM

Entry #: 2481658
coach brad you are always thinking of somebody eles you helped our team so much and I think you did to much you looked at videos and got every play the opponet ran if we didn't have you I don't think we could even make it to the superbowl thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck next year

Brad Newland

November 19, 2007
8:28:20 AM

Entry #: 2482215
Tommy, thank you for the kind words, they mean alot to me. However, I want to make sure you know something -- every one of your coaches watched film and knew the tendencies of the other team's plays, and in fact, no coach worked harder at preparing our game plans than your father did. Coaching you and your teammates was an honor, and we took it seriously because it is important to uphold the tradition that is Necco Raider football.
Congratulations on your 5th consecutive Super Bowl championship, there are very few young men in the city that have accomplished that feat. As you continue to play football at higher levels(and I know you will), please remember that the reward is not the trophy, because no one can win every single game. Instead, the reward is preparing with your teammates to play solid football, and then going out and playing like the little kid that started loving football all those years ago.


November 20, 2007
6:55:32 PM

Entry #: 2485305
Coach Brad, I really want to thank you for helping me play football this year. You were very helpful and supportive to me A LOT! You have been one of the best football coaches I have had in a lifetime. You have really been a wonderful coach this year. Your speeches after practice and games really showed me how much football is worth. Football is a lot for me. Thank you very much for helping.
-Noah #1

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