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Author TOPIC: The TEAM 5/6th

November 19, 2007
7:19:58 PM

Entry #: 2483527
I just want to thank all of the players for helping me through this fantastic year. Like coach Joe says it takes all 28 of us. I want to especially thank the B-team for making me better. The A-team for always believing in me whether we were down or I made a mistake. The line for always blocking and the running backs for getting big runs. Without all 28 of us we would be nothing.
Thank you coaches for helping me with new drills and making me better. This might have been my last year with you guys and I am glad we ended on a Raider Superbowl Victory! Now I better "HURRY UP" and sign off!
Thank You all again for believing in me and making this a great season.
#12 Your QB Brock Dorothy

John Frank

November 20, 2007
7:56:47 PM

Entry #: 2485396
Thank you Brock for being my WINGMAN. Great job on the SuperBowl win. I want to play football the way that you do.
#12 John Frank

Brock Your Wingman

November 29, 2007
10:05:39 PM

Entry #: 2496555
Thanks John Frank! It is nice that you look up to me and I hope I can be your wingman forever!
See you on Saturday!

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