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Author TOPIC: 5th and 6th Grade
Andy Dorothy

November 20, 2007
1:52:31 PM

Entry #: 2484746
I want to thank the Simone family for their continued support of the organization. Without their support our children would not be able to play the sport they love so much. Their support also gives the players an opportunity to continue to build on old friendships and forge new friendships. Their memories of playing together will last a lifetime. I would also like to thank Tom Sciortino for his tireless efforts that sometimes do not get noticed. I would like to thank Coach Carl and Coach Brad for putting together undoubtedly the BEST defense in the league. A Hall of Fame Coach was famous for saying defense wins championships and it could not be more true. I would like to thank Coach Carl for his unwavering support of Brock throughout the ENITRE year. I know he will miss all the coaches, however he is looking forward to the new challenges ahead and finishing his career as a NECCO Raider. He has visions of being a six time Super Bowl Champion.

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