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Author TOPIC: Former Raiders are State Champs
Coach Tom

November 23, 2007
11:09:19 PM

Entry #: 2488732
Congratulations to Joseph Kassanavoid QB Lawson, and Sal Belfonte DB Rockhurst on winning State Championships today. Both of these young men played exceptionally well and made major contributions in their wins. I'm very proud of their accomplishment, and I'm glad that I had the privilege of coaching both of them in their 3rd & 4th grade years.

Donnie Mordecai

November 24, 2007
12:10:49 AM

Entry #: 2488764
Congradulations, Sal and Rudy on your state championship. Both of you are well deserving of your accomplishments, as Raiders you both played with tremendous heart and passion every snap of every game and I really enjoyed coaching both of you!!!

Coach Tom

November 24, 2007
11:29:21 AM

Entry #: 2488983
Rudy Amato, sorry I forgot to mention you in my previous post. Nobody plays with as much heart as you do. Congrats to you also.

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