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Author TOPIC: Raider Pride
Coach Joe

November 28, 2007
10:37:52 PM

Entry #: 2495182
Congratulations to all of the Raiders for a great season. It is hard to believe it is over. I especially want to congratulate Charlie, Sal, and the rest of the 8th graders on great careers. You guys accomplished so much the past several years. It has been a pleasure to watch your progress. No one in your class won more games or more championships during their careers. The 7th/8th grade coaches are the best in the league--we are truly fortunate to have them. I look forward to sending Tommy to learn from them the next two years.

Anthony, Edie, Tom and the Simone family, thank you once again for allowing me to coach. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to impact these young kids' lives and prepare them for the future.

Carl, Kelly, Brad, Tim and Henry, you guys are incredible group of coaches. Your effort is amazing. As crazy as some of my requests are and as stubborn as I get, you never once waivered in your support. Our team became a dominant team because of your efforts. No coaching staff at our level in this league worked harder.

Parents, thank you for putting up with me. I know I sometimes push the limits, but it is always with the best possible intentions. I truly love your kids and treat each of them as if they were my own (in most cases better). I am so proud of them. There were no stars. Just a team of 28 boys willing to work hard every night to become a great. Win or lose it was a true lesson in life.

Coach Joe

Raider parent 5/6th grade

November 30, 2007
7:59:40 AM

Entry #: 2496809
Coach Joe,

I agree, we have some of the best coaches at our level in this league! All of you made our kids want to be Raiders for life. Next season, we will see the 6th graders move up, but I feel confident that they have been coached to be able to succeed at the next level.

Thank you again to all the coaches, Simone family, and everyone in the Raider organization, for one of the most remarkable seasons in Raider history, for all the teams! I am truly proud to be called a Necco Raider Parent!

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