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Author TOPIC: Thank You
Wolverine Parent

November 10, 2008
7:15:33 AM

Entry #: 2981635
As an involved parent at our home field I understand what a huge commitment it is to host other teams, so I just wanted to say Thank you to all of the Raiders for the great job and for all of your efforts on Saturday! Hope to see you guy's in the Super Bowl!!

Coach Dusenbery

November 10, 2008
3:00:59 PM

Entry #: 2982678
You are very welcome, we were glad to have the Wolverines and Chiefs playing there on Saturday. Goodluck to your teams in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Also thanks to the Wolverines and Chiefs parents for picking up trash and putting it in the trash cans, that saved alot of time in the clean-up at the end of the day.

Coach Joe

November 11, 2008
3:57:02 PM

Entry #: 2984401
I heard there was a Raider player working in the concession stand all day, but he ate more than he sold. Hmmm.

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