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Author TOPIC: Great job Raider White Flag Team!
Clayton Gray

November 16, 2008
10:38:20 AM

Entry #: 2990449
I would like to congratulate the Raiders White Flag team on a tremendous season. It was very difficult to be on the opposite sidelines coaching against fellow Raiders, and friends. I am a big fan of every single player who puts on the Raider uniform, and I have been very proud of what the Raider White team did this year. Great job to all the all the Raider White Players, Coaches, and Parents who helped build such a successful season for the Raiders White.

What a great year for our Flag program, for two teams to make it to the Semi Finals was a great accomplishment for our organization. I’m looking forward to next year, when we can all be on the same sidelines working towards our goals together.

White Raider Parent

November 16, 2008
6:54:45 PM

Entry #: 2990844
Go get them Black Raiders. You guys had a great season as well. Have the boys enjoy the Super Bowl!

Nathan Gray

November 17, 2008
3:52:25 PM

Entry #: 2992065
I think you guys had a great season and I'm looking forward to being teamates next year.

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