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Author TOPIC: Super Bowl opponents filming practice
Raider Parent in disbelief

November 3, 2009
11:18:33 PM

Entry #: 3327617
This is unbelievable, as long as I have been around the Raiders the coaches have always played by the rules, practiced the legal amount of days, encouraged their players to work hard and taught them ethical and responsible behavior. All the while getting blamed for cheating and dirty play by those associated with other teams. Then at tonights practice we had to run off someone from another team filming our practice. It should not surprise us at all, let these people pull these unscrupulous stunts and continue to spread ridiculous rumors. On Saturday it will not matter, let them film our practice, heck let them have our play book. We will still come out on top by doing what we do and when aggitated by off the field antics,,, well let me just put it this way, you who choose to hide in your red trucks with your cameras pointed towards the Raiders practice, you my friend have have stoked a fire that was already white hot, I trust you have heard the old adage about waking a sleeping giant, well the giant is not only awake but he plans on putting on pads and finishing what he started this Saturday. Thank you for the added fuel Allen Funt. It wasnt needed but your ignorance tonight poked an already irate bear. Go get em Raiders continue to do the right thing. Role up that newspaper and whip that pup. We are gonna role that night baby we are gonna role.

Another Raider Parent

November 3, 2009
11:26:23 PM

Entry #: 3327622
I could not have said any better myself. I cannot wait to see this sleeping giant on Saturday, he has wakened and he is ready to deal with any opponent

Raider Dad

November 3, 2009
11:28:33 PM

Entry #: 3327623
Amen to that brother, sic em Raiders sic em.

Raider Nation

November 3, 2009
11:34:42 PM

Entry #: 3327624
I hope you Raiders are as steamed as I am after hearing about tonights secret filming. These guys just never seem to learn do they. Unleash your will and intestinal fortitude on them on Saturday Raiders, maybe then they will learn, but somehow I doubt it.

Yet another Raider parent

November 4, 2009
6:38:57 AM

Entry #: 3327703
Seems that if you want to record, you would do it in "secret"....duhhhhh!! That just shows us that they do not care about all the things that OUR boys have been taught since an early age in this organization.(strenghth,courage,dedication,respect). Let 'em tape....we have nothing to hide...I wouldn't want my kid under an organization where the dishonest, trickery, starts from the top!! My hope is it was a parent of our oppossing team, and not a Coach. But something tells me different! Maybe our kids should have given them something to watch! They just needed to film who to run the fastest FROM!!! Raiders WILL Roll!! The Fire is burning......

Momma Raider

November 4, 2009
8:39:49 AM

Entry #: 3327818
We came from another team to the Raiders and we always heard really bad things about the Raiders, in fact the was probably what took us too long to make the switch. Once we got to the Raiders though wow, what a difference. Do the Raiders coaches raise their voices yeah its football, but my husband and I never hear any four letter words or the coach denegrate any player. At our previous organization the four letter words were the norm, even with the little ones and I as a mother would get embarrased at games and practice. Like the other parent said you just keep doing what you have been doing Raiders because your behavior and hard work are a far cry from what we used to think was acceptable. We look forward to Saturday to see you boys show the whole league just how hard you have worked all year.

Raider Fan

November 4, 2009
10:21:04 AM

Entry #: 3327947
Rallying point Raiders Rallying point, lets bring everything we got on Saturday.

Raider Mom

November 4, 2009
10:31:36 AM

Entry #: 3327966
For all the Raider boys...Just remember the four words that the Raiders are all about. LOVE-You all have love for the game of football, not one person can ever take that from you, FRIENDSHIP-You all have made new frienship throughout your years as a Raider, which will last a life time, COURAGE-You all have found courage to "tackle" anything that comes your way, on and off the field. Last but far from the least, if you have these three things you will all be CHAMPIONS!!

I want to wish every Raider Team the best of Luck on Saturday. You all have worked very hard to get to where you are today. GO RAIDERS!!!!

anthony simone

November 4, 2009
10:42:51 AM

Entry #: 3327983
To all parents: Thanks for professing your feelings about our opponent filming last night's practice. Some of you because of your belief in our organization and what we teach the boys and girls feel what I have felt many times over the past 25 years. It gives me a warm feeling that you also want to exhibit what we feel and to show the boys that we will do the right thing in spite of others performing differently. To the Necco Raiders, all grade levels, play this Saturday with love, friendship and courage.

Eddie Baker

November 4, 2009
1:58:43 PM

Entry #: 3328288
Thank you Mr. Simone for you usual words of wisdom. Others aspire to be what we are. Remember Raiders always, Tommie is watching you. Make him proud. This is the moment you will always remember. Did you do all you could do every play? Did you play like the last play? Love, Courage, and Friendship is the NECCO way. No more practice, no more games. Finish what you started, and put an exclamation point on it!!! Might as well!!!

Emmett O'Leary

November 4, 2009
2:43:30 PM

Entry #: 3328334
Well said Eddie,as you know I am a huge Raider fan.Thank you too Anthony Simone for all you do for the best organization in the league,all of your support has made the journey of the Raiders so much fun and exciting.Alot of people out there in the league think the Raiders do it the wrong way we know that too be false.As a young man I too played for the Raiders,back then smae was said dirty team always gets the best players tired of the Raiders winning all the time.All we have to do is keep doing what we are doing and always be the best,practice the hardest,be the smartest and attract winners too our program,and too keep up the Raider Tradition.Eyes will always be on the Raiders,they cannot be what we are,they want what we have,make them earn what we have,dont give it too them.Respect is given too champions.RADIERS ARE CHAMPIONS.Remeber the 73 on your jersey every time you put it on play like a champion every day every play.Raider Fan for Life....Emmett

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