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Author TOPIC: 5th & 6th Raiders
Coach Joe Raiders

November 6, 2009
8:34:50 AM

Entry #: 3329965
You have improved every week. You are each better players and a better team than you were a month ago. You played your best game of the season last week against the Chiefs. You will play even better this week. This is about you. It is within your reach. They think they know us. They think they know how hard they will need to play. They think they know how fired up they need to be.
THEY DON'T KNOW. THEY HAVE NO IDEA. You will show up more prepared mentally and physically. You will be more fired up. You will play harder and smarter. You will show everyone what a dominating team you are. Wear 73 with pride. Wear silver and black with pride. Saturday is your day. See you there!

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