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Author TOPIC: 2010
A Raider Fan

July 31, 2010
12:28:53 AM

Entry #: 3540026
2009 brought us 3 superbowl championships and that was a great accomplishment, but only satisfactory for about 3 days because for those of us that prepare yearly to excel and get our Raiders ready to go on to the next level last year will never be good enough, its about what is possible today and how we can get better for tomorrow. Anything less and we might as well be playing, any other sport that does not demand as much as we will demand from the Raiders that do make our teams. This is football, this is the greatest test of will and determenation, its not for everyone, and thats okay, not everyone can be a Raider. But if you choose to make the sacrifice and buy in to our style of preperation, then welcome to our family because you will have deserved it and you will be better because of it. Work hard during tryouts and show your coaches that you want to be a great player and they will see it,this is what sets us apart from the rest, and this is what will set you up for a life time of believing you can. Thats all i got to say.

Raider parent

July 31, 2010
12:58:58 AM

Entry #: 3540033
You are hard core Raider fan, but I love it, your enthusiasm seems necessary in order for us to achieve what we want to. LETS GO RAIDERS.

Another Raider parent

July 31, 2010
1:03:46 AM

Entry #: 3540034
I cant believe I am up this late and reading the RAIDER message board, but I cant help it I am ready for football and watching my son learn from the best coaching staff in the league. Lets get it on raiders.

5&6th grade parent

July 31, 2010
1:14:58 AM

Entry #: 3540036
I am also ready, I dont know if we can top last year with 3 championchips and a 8th grade city championchip but i am ready to hang around and see what happens.


July 31, 2010
1:33:33 AM

Entry #: 3540039
I am glad to see that i am not the only that cant sleep. tomorrow is the beginning of what us non baseball people have been waiting for.

Darth Raider

August 1, 2010
12:39:08 PM

Entry #: 3540605
The renewal of friendships, the heat, the humidity, and the beginning of another season of Raider football. Life is good!

Raider #82

August 1, 2010
3:34:42 PM

Entry #: 3540714
Finally someone who isn't talking smack to us but appreciating us

A Raider can

August 1, 2010
6:32:20 PM

Entry #: 3540814
I understand that 7th & 8th only had 30 signed up, big deal. I hope that all thirty make it and subject themselves to what will be the best athletic experience of their young lives. According to the rules we only need eleven to play football and do what we do, and that seems to be exactly what it takes to excel year in and year out. GO RAIDERS FIGHT RAIDERS WIN RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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