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Author TOPIC: Dalvin Warmack Staley @ BlueSprings Game
raiders fan

September 4, 2010
1:40:51 AM

Entry #: 3566053
I went to see Dalvin Warmack play at Blue Springs,he did a pretty good job for a freshman playing on Varsity even know he didn't have a offense line to block for him he still had pretty good yards even know he shared his carries.Good job Dalvin and the raiders for preparing this young man to step up to the next level


October 18, 2010
10:16:09 PM

Entry #: 3595962
I am sure he is a fine player but if he plays varsity for Staley he is 3rd string rb because I have 2 cousins on that team and have been to several of their games. 1 cousin is starting at OL the other is starting at olb and #2 RB and they both were Raiders.

October 20, 2010
11:03:05 AM

Entry #: 3597147
Dalvin Warmack does not play at Staley so maybe you should re-read the post. Dalvin lives in Blue Springs and he is not a 3rd string rb.


October 28, 2010
11:15:54 AM

Entry #: 3603150
He is the 2nd string rb

raider fan

November 16, 2010
6:28:46 PM

Entry #: 3617673
Kid you might want to google his name lol all his info will come up


December 16, 2010
1:21:00 PM

Entry #: 3631383
Maybe you should read your misleading title! And I am Not a Kid!

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