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Author TOPIC: Double OT Thrilla
Silver Lining

October 12, 2010
10:08:12 AM

Entry #: 3590904
Ridiculously fun Raiders 3/4 grade Silver game last night at Waterwell. I heard it's going to be on ESPN Classic tonight.

October 12, 2010
4:18:03 PM

Entry #: 3591243
One of the most entertaining games I have seen at any grade and/or level. Raiders dont get many end of game "gut checks". The hard work paid off.

you should all be very proud of your selves.

A team was built last nite

Zebra Fan

October 14, 2010
11:38:28 AM

Entry #: 3592601
Special thanks should go to the referees who allowed the B game to go into 2 overtimes especially when another B game was on tap later. Should we play overtime? Might as well!


October 15, 2010
4:57:19 AM

Entry #: 3593171
Yes we should play overtime at all levels, IMO.

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