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Author TOPIC: Can someone let us know
Jenn Shy

November 13, 2010
7:27:14 PM

Entry #: 3615581
Can someone please let us know how the boys are that were injured at the game. (McGowen & Tomc)
I hope everyone else that was injured is doing okay as well. I am very proud of the RAIDER boys who played hard & most of all for not playing by giving cheap shots!

Coach Billy

November 13, 2010
8:23:19 PM

Entry #: 3615635
I was told minor concussions. Wish 42 & 46 well.


November 13, 2010
10:00:19 PM

Entry #: 3615687
Jacob (46) has a mild concussion, he has a bad headache but is resting and should be back on his feet in a couple days. Thank you to everyone for the calls and texts.

Coach Tomc

November 15, 2010
9:12:03 AM

Entry #: 3616424
Thanks for asking. Kyle is doing
fine. He had a CT scan done and his head is
fine. He has got to take it easy until the headache goes away, so we are just keeping an eye on him.
Thanks again,
Coach Tomc

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