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Author TOPIC: Thank you coach Tomc
7th and 8th parent

December 6, 2010
3:17:39 PM

Entry #: 3627037
I just wanted to say thank you Coach Tomc for coaching both of my sons. They really enjoyed your humor and your intensity. My wife and I both had a great time and think our sons got the best football education by playing for you and all the Raider Coaches

Raider Mom

December 13, 2010
6:18:02 PM

Entry #: 3630080
I want to say thank you Coach, as well. At the banquet I thought you were teasing, when you said that you were retiring, since you are always joking around. But if you were serious you need to rethink that because I really want my son to finish his Raider carreer being coached by you. Come back coach Tomc.

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