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Author TOPIC: Raider Trivia

October 4, 2011
2:23:59 PM

Entry #: 3811578
The Raider Tradition is long and proud. Many of the new Raiders don't know the history of the Necco Raiders.

This thread is to start a string to share the facts of the great teams, coaches, players and our overall organization in order to help others know who the Necco Raiders have been thoughout the years.

Please share all that you know.

October 4, 2011
3:28:30 PM

Entry #: 3811631
from coach Duze in 2008:
have been coaching since 1987 when my dad let me take over the B-team in my first year. I played for the Raiders in 1978-79, from 1980 to 1986 I was the equipment mgr. or whatever my dad wanted me to do(GOFER). I coached the 5th & 6th grade from 1987 to 1994 and took over for my dad in 1995 to 2002 then moved up and took the 7th & 8th grade. 1991 & 92 was the first year that we had 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th, and 7th & 8th grade football at the Raiders. We found a coaching staff for 3rd&4th but couldn't find a staff for 7th & 8th so my dad, my brother Danny, Lefty Leftridge and myself coached the 5th&6th grade and 7th&8th grade for two years. My dad didn't start the Raiders but he was an assistant coach when they began in 1971. He took over the Raiders in 1977, which were the Norbank Raiders at that time and we practiced at Cooley Park. In 1990 my dad was part of the board who brought in 3rd & 4th grade tackle football and that is when all teams in the league went to a full organization of three tackle teams.

October 4, 2011
3:32:29 PM

Entry #: 3811635
From Coach Palmer in 2008:
My time with the Raiders actually began back in 1976 when I was a player on the 5th/6th grade Norbank Raiders which eventually became the Necco Raiders. Coach Dusenbury's father, Ben, was one of my coaches back then. In 1976 the Raiders ony had a 5th/6th grade team and we played and practiced at Cooley Park where the Giants play now. The Raiders have always had good teams. Raider tradition is second to none. I began my coaching career with the Raiders in 2001 as an assistant with Anthony Palmentere and the following year I took over the 3rd/4th grade team. In 2003 I took over the 5th/6th grade squad and coached at that level through 2006. In 2007, I went back down to the 3rd/4th grade level and will remain there in 2008. We have won more games than we have lost in my tenure with the Raiders which is a direct result of great assistant coaching and supporting Raider families. In my opinion there is no better place for young boys to come and learn the game of football in all three grade levels.

Coach Palmer finished with a overall record of:

Coach Palmer coached 7 Super Bowl Championship teams

October 4, 2011
3:33:21 PM

Entry #: 3811637
From coach Sciara in 2008:

This is my sixth year as a coach with the Raiders. In 2003, I was an assistant for 3rd & 4th grade, followed by two seasons as head coach at that level. In 2006, I moved to assistant of 5th & 6th, and then to head coach for 2007 and this year. I have been very fortunate to have incredible assistant coaches including Brad Newland, Kelly Mason and Tim Monachino every year I have been a head coach. The addition of Henry Belfonte to our staff last year and Mike Hottel this year has continued our commitment to intense education and preparation during the season. We demand the highest level of dedication from the players, paying attention to every detail as we do our best to teach them the game and improve their play throughout the season.


October 4, 2011
11:33:23 PM

Entry #: 3811907
I contacted Coach Sciara today and asked him to provide his overall record as a coach and some thoughts he had on his time with the Raiders.

Here is his response:

Regarding my record, this is to the best of my recollection.

2003, 3rd/4th Assistant, 10 - 0 (8 -0 and 2 -0) Won Simone Tourn and SB.
2004, 3rd/4th Head Coach, 10 - 0 (8 - 0 and 2 -0) Won Simone Tourn and SB.
2005, 3rd/4th Head Coach, 8 - 2. (6 - 2 and 2 - 0) Knocked out of first round of Simone. Won SB.

2006, 5th/6th Assistant, 10 - 0 (8 - 0 and 2 - 0) Won Simone and SB (close game vs. Jets)
2007, 5th/6th Head Coach 10 - 1 (7 - 1 and 3 - 0) Won Simone (on last play) won SB (beat the Wolverines who had beaten us in regular season).
2008, 5th/6th Head Coach 10 - 0, Won Simone and SB.
2009, 5th/6th Head Coach 10 - 0, Won Simone and SB.

Overall record 68 - 3.
SB champs 7 times (every team)
Simone Champs 6 times

Fun facts....
Best assistant coaches ever. Spent countless hours away from the field on preparation. Newland, Mason, Monachino were consistently with me.
We were the first team to fully embrace technology. We were the first to secure full game films from all teams we played and offered our films to any opponent who wanted them. We recruited like crazy. We introduced several important evaluation statistics like a measure of speed combined with size: pounds per second in the 40 yard dash. Seriously.

Brought intense focus to Special Teams (typically an after thought for many teams). Special plays, schemes, scouting, etc. (Newland championed this).

Honestly, as a head coach I owe all of my success to the assistant coaches. Mason, Newland and Monachino.

October 5, 2011
4:18:05 PM

Entry #: 3812371
Who was the best Raider team ever?

Brad Newland

October 6, 2011
1:37:39 PM

Entry #: 3812955
I asked Coach Brad Newland to share his memories of the Raiders:

Here's what I've come up with from memory and various conversations about the '04-'09 era. Hope this info helps when combined with data from all the other coaches, etc.

'04 3rd/4th - 10-0 (won Simone and Superbowl), 5th/6th - 10-0 (won Superbowl), 7th/8th - 9-1 (lost Superbowl)
'05 3rd/4th - 8-2 (won Superbowl), 5th/6th - 10-0 (won Superbowl), 7th/8th - 9-1 (won Superbowl)
'06 3rd/4th - 8-2 (lost in Semis), 5th/6th - 10-0 (won Simone and Superbowl), 7th/8th - 10-0 (won Superbowl)
'07 Black Flag - 9-2 (lost Superbowl), 3rd/4th - 8-2 (lost Superbowl to Chiefs), 5th/6th - 10-1 (won Simone and Superbowl), 7th/8th - 9-1 (lost Superbowl to Wolves)
'08 Black Flag - 9-1 (won Superbowl), 3rd/4th - 10-0 (won Superbowl), 5th/6th - 10-0 (won Simone and Superbowl), 7th/8th - 8-2 (won Simone and lost Superbowl to Chargers)
'09 Black Flag - ?, 3rd/4th - 10-0 (won Simone and Superbowl), 5th/6th - 10-0 (won Simone and Superbowl), 7th/8th - 11-0 (won Simone, Superbowl, and City Championship vs Seminoles)

The '09 class of Raiders finished 57 - 5, with 5 Simone titles, 5 Superbowl titles, and the '09 North Sub. vs South Sub. City title. Quite often throughout their time as Raiders this class in particular was out-sized, but they were never out-worked and learned at a very young age the importance of perseverance. I know there have been classes of Raiders before and since '09 that compiled some outstanding cumulative results, which certainly speaks to the consistency of the Necco Raider program. We talked often through the years about the fact that as Raiders "we will honor our history, and we will make our own."

It was a privilege to be an assistant coach for the Necco Raiders for 5 years. I was a part of the 3rd/4th staff for 1 season (Joe Sciara '05), then 5th/6th for 4 seasons (Kevin Palmer '06, Joe Sciara '07-'09). The coaches I worked with, and the young men that played during that time are very special to me, and it is a pleasure to revisit those memories and watch the players develop into successful high school athletes. Our combined record over my tenure as an assistant was 48 - 3, with 4 Simone titles and 5 Superbowl titles.

The Simone family and the Sciortino family have been so supportive and dedicated over the years it is very impressive to watch. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the reason that our organization gets so involved from 1st grade through 8th grade, in both football and cheer. I have witnessed some great scenes on Saturday afternoons around the North Suburban League, but there is no better spectacle than "The Raf" on game day. A parking lot jammed to capacity and cars lining the streets of Gracemor, smoke from Al's grill curling around the silver and black trailer, fans seated on "Hedgeapple Hill", aka "The Raidermaker", where no Raider ever stops or sits during conditioning, the sound of "Bad to the Bone" emanating from the PA system, and the look on so many young people's faces as they work together toward their goals and realize they are a part of a very special team.

I still wear my Raider gear with pride whenever I can, and the Raider sticker will be on my car until the day it is turned in for parts. Brady wears the #73 on his gear in every game he plays, and would not have it any other way. In fact, he had it on his wrist tape in the Rockhurst game this year but was told by the Referee to take it off, so he wrote it on his shoe.

Good luck to the 2011 Raider squads as they make their push toward the playoffs and add another chapter to our club's history, we'll be watching Go Raiders!

Big Fan

October 7, 2011
8:45:34 AM

Entry #: 3813326
That was pretty interesting. Thanks. I would add that Brad Newland was also a great announcer...mostly because of his good one-liners. I have heard a few lines borrowed from him, such as the 'flackle' and the fly over stuff. Nice to see him at the games still.

Coach Mordecai

October 7, 2011
11:38:08 AM

Entry #: 3813440
To answer the question of the greatest Raider team ever is next to impossible! But one of the most Dominant teams that I have seen since I have been here was the 2008 3rd & 4th grade team. The "A" team was 10 & 0, Simone tournament Champions & Superbowl Champions. They Scored 426 points while only giving up 20 points in 10 games and the "B" team was 7 & 0 and scored 291 points and only gave up 8 points in 7 games. They were a alot of people that year that thought our "Silverbacks" were the second best team in the league.

Coach Tomc

October 8, 2011
3:24:43 PM

Entry #: 3813851
As far as the best teams ever I can only speak to the 7th &8th grade teams since that is the only level that I coached.

I was the Head Coach for the 2001 team that featured players like David Belfonte, Corey "Big Daddy" Hernandez, Michael Lackey, Sal Capra who played and started for KU, Vince Noland, John Siragussa just to name a few. This team had the largest winning margin that I can remember, I dont recall all the stats like Coach Joe and Coach Newland. But I do remember that we won the Simone, went undefeated and won the Super Bowl. We wanted to get a test for this team and approached several freshman teams to scrimmage but got no takers. So after the season we went and played in a city championship tournament down south and went 3 & 0 to take the title against some hand picked all star teams and I remember it was the loudest that I had ever heard our great fans.

Another Team that I was extremely proud of was I believe the 2005 team, this was the year that Sal Belfonte was an 8th grader, in the Super Bowl we went against an outstanding Jets team that this 8th grade class had never beaten, but that year in the Super Bowl those kids somehow went out and beat the Jets for a memorable Championship that I will never forget.

And finally the 2009 team that went on to win the Super Bowl and then play in another City Champioship against the SSYFL champs the Seminoles that had some crazy record of winning their last 70 games in a row or something like that. I dont remember the final but we won by like 45 or 50 points, the game was on Metro Sports and gave the Raider orginization city wide recognition that was deserved and very satisfying.

I know I am leaving out some great teams and great players and I dont mean to, its just that these teams spring to mind and I am talking about you Dalvin, Hensley, Kyle and Chad, Big Al, Max, Jackson, Cash, Huekel, McGovern, Kelvin, Biggie, Bear, Brock, Josh, The Big Viking, Brady, Blakemore, The Webers, Billy who got cut every year except his 8th, The Sciara boys, Anthony Simmons, Marshall both big and little, All the Sharps, Bennie, Burns, Jimmy, Reed, Trevon, Stumpy, KP, Kaluka and Fizel, Cha Cha, Charlie, Mcolitch, Fulton, Johnny D, Willsunnn, The Palm Bros and cousin, Adam, Zach, The Dog, Spare Parts, Ziggy and Nico what a pair!, Big and little Volkman, Keepus, Baker Kaleb and Tyler both for only one year dadgummit, Sammy, Cookie, Morgan who we almost cut?, Mertz, Love, the list is much bigger than this and I have forgotten some very special names, but especially my own boy KT.

I loved you all and it was my honor to try to help you out in Football and what ever else that may of seeped in.

Time Will Tell

October 18, 2011
10:45:06 AM

Entry #: 3819874
Although they are still writing their own history, if they continue the pace they are on the current 6th grade team may qualify as the greatest Raider team of all time. Although some faces have changed over the years there is a core group that has been together since 3rd grade, and they have never lost a game, at either the "A" or "B" level. If they play out the string this year as well as at the 7th/8th level and never lose a game they would certainly have to be in consideration for all-time best team.

October 18, 2011
11:09:20 AM

Entry #: 3819890
The 5th grade team is on the same journey of Time will tell. They are the only Raider team that has ever won the Flag Super Bowl and they are undefeated in tackle.

October 18, 2011
2:48:24 PM

Entry #: 3820049
Hasn't the 5th grade team lost some "B" games, though?

October 18, 2011
3:25:36 PM

Entry #: 3820086
They did lose this year to the sharks. That team has a lot 6th graders on it though.

Sorry to Rain on the little Raider Parade.......

October 18, 2011
9:41:22 PM

Entry #: 3820266
The "B" game against the Sharks was won primarily by 5th grade Sharks!!! All but 2 (maybe 3) players in that game were 5th graders!!! And those 2 or 3 boys did not play the entire game either. You guys are good, but the Raiders are NOT always gonna win. Sorry

P.S. The Sharks DO have several 5th graders that start and play primarily "A" games.

October 18, 2011
9:46:28 PM

Entry #: 3820269
I meant that the Raiders have some 6th graders on their team. Ease up killer. This isn't about the Sharks.

Joe Wolf

February 24, 2018
9:11:32 AM

Entry #: 4243333
1974 & 1975 Norbank Raiders 5th and 6th grade Champions went undefeated and UNSCORED AGAINST: 199-0 and 201-0. Great coaching staff including Bernie Owens. Those same kids took the Tigers to championship their 8th grade year and played the Stacy's Viking (from Northeast) but lost ...i believe it was 40 -6...even though we scored first??

Darth Raider

April 1, 2018
5:39:37 PM

Entry #: 4245780
Coach Simone and Coach Dusenbery can likely back me up on this as they both had an opportunity to coach these boys for 2 years, but for sustained success the greatest Raider team of all time has to be the 8th grade class of 2013. While some names and faces changed over the course of the years, there was a core group of players that stuck together and went undefeated from 3rd grade thru 8th grade, a perfect 60-0. These boys won every Simone tournament, every "A" and "B" regular season game, every playoff game and every Super Bowl. Most of their games were already over by halftime, some by the 1st quarter. The lightning was provided by Liam Henry, Dom Raybourne and John Raybourne, who ran over, under, around and thru their opponents while the thunder was supplied by the biggest line in Raider history at the time (and maybe still to this day!). Ben Becker, Christian Holferty, John Frank Sciortino and Jack Yosel opened up the running lanes on offense and shut down their opponents on defense. To me, this team has to be considered the most dominant in the Raiders long and storied history.

Coach Simone

June 4, 2018
8:43:41 AM

Entry #: 4251076
Darth Raider, That was one of the best teams ever for sure. We had alot of fun with that group. MAW

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