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Author TOPIC: Inspiration
Proud Raider Mama!

October 13, 2011
9:36:45 AM

Entry #: 3816626
To every Raider Player, Coach, Mr. Simone, Cheerleader, Parent, your dedication and hard work has paid off. A very good team and tough competion is waiting for us on Saturday. This is what you have been practicing for, you are ready! I wanted to share a few quotes I found that I thought fitting:

"Show Class,have Pride,& display Character. If you do, WINNING takes care of itself" Paul 'Bear' Bryant

"If a team is to reach it's potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to good of the team" Bud Wilkinson

That is what impress's me the most about the whole Raider's orginazation, the Unity of the boy's. Remember you are one team from flag to 8th!
Let's all continue to show class & respect for ourselves & our boy's!

#99's Mom

October 13, 2011
3:10:05 PM

Entry #: 3816962
Boy's - There is a reason you wear the Bullseye on your back! Stand proud, play hard! We could'nt be prouder of all of you! M.A.W


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