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Author TOPIC: Congratulations to all 3 flag teams division champ
Metha Cox

October 24, 2011
8:12:14 AM

Entry #: 3823126
I would like to congratulate Coach JEff Grego, Coach Carl Ragusa and Coach Blake Moberly for all three teams winning there league titles! Each team finished 1st in there divisions and I am not a Necco historian but has that ever happened? Any way good luck to all three flag teams in ther respective playoff runs! Dont for get us little guys will be over at Wolverines field in an all day slugfest this upcoming Sunday we could use all Tackle parent support since you all have byes! Go Raiders!

Flag Granny

October 24, 2011
4:34:31 PM

Entry #: 3823687
I'll be there and I'll be all jacked up on Mountain Dew!

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