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Author TOPIC: Returning to the battlefield!
Eli "Uncrippled" Ross

June 30, 2012
10:14:59 PM

Entry #: 3940108
I cant wait to start my eighth grade year with the raiders!!!!! Ive played for the raiders for 7 years but it's been eight years as a team participant! For everyone who didn't know or saw this kid on the sidelines last year with a sling on his right arm it was me, a boy who unfortunately had shoulder surgery after over throwing himself in baseball last summer, I miss football. I miss it so much! Its been a year and a half since I've set foot in a huddle with the guys I call my brothers. I can't wait to return this year and show what I've worked for in the past months and show how much I can give to the raiders fans and my fellow teammates. Thank you for giving me the best years of my life and for preparing me for future events in my life where I can take football into consideration as a career and a activity. Thank you again.

Tom S

June 30, 2012
11:23:34 PM

Entry #: 3940136
Can't wait to see you out there Eli. Hope you are feelimg 100% and ready to take charge of this team for your 8th grade year.

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