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Clayton Gray

August 30, 2012
2:26:09 PM

Entry #: 3970017
Tonight is one of the most enjoyable practices of the year, it is Wingman night. Make sure to get to practice early. We have a great night planned and it is one not to miss. Looking forward to seeing the Raider Players pair up as Wingmen and support each other throughout the season. The Wingman program has really helped our teams and players feel they are a part of one organization instead of just a team. The program has also helped form friendships and Mentor relationships between age groups, which for a new Raider may help him feel more comfortable being a part of the Raider Family. The Wingman relationship really is what you make of it, please embrace it and be creative and help make our Wingman program grow stronger then ever. Thank you in advance for all your support.

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