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Author TOPIC: What a game!!!
Darth Raider

September 15, 2012
10:39:10 PM

Entry #: 3977633
The 7th/8th grade game this afternoon was the most entertaining I've seen since last season's Super Bowl. It definitely felt like a playoff game atmosphere. Hats off to the Jets for giving our boys all that they could handle. And congrats to our Raiders for never giving up & playing hard until the game was won. Both teams deserve a huge round of applause. Fantastic game!!!

Looking Forward To It

September 17, 2012
9:26:30 AM

Entry #: 3978234
I think the 7th/8th game vs the Sharks is going to be really good, too. Can't wait to see that one in a couple of weeks!

September 18, 2012
4:44:25 PM

Entry #: 3979280
raiders 44-13

Raider Nation

September 27, 2012
12:03:50 PM

Entry #: 3984985
I've seen a lot of trash talking back & forth this week about Saturday's upcoming games vs the Sharks. Just remember to keep things civil. The results on the field will speak for themselves. Let's look forward to some fantastic football this weekend. Go Raiders!!!

September 27, 2012
1:23:12 PM

Entry #: 3985029
I am also looking forward to Saturday at all levels. Shark's have made steady and measureable progress over the last 5 years and are ready to be considered an elite organization. Don't think anyone from either side "should" be talking any trash, this is for the players not their parents. Both teams will be ready to make the most of this opportunity to play against some great competetion.


September 28, 2012
2:17:35 PM

Entry #: 3985665
Good luck to all our Raider teams this weekend. I know our boys are going to have their hands full in every game. The Sharks are good, and they are coming after us. I hope we have great crowds cheering the boys on from first game to last. Go Raiders!!!

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