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Author TOPIC: lets Cheer!!!!
Papa Rhino

September 26, 2012
12:36:43 AM

Entry #: 3984042
First,of all I would like to thank all of the Raider coaches!!!!! And again I would like to thank the Raider organization for allowing my son to be apart of a great team and coaching staff.As a true fan of football,my son and a bunch of other Necco Raider boys.I ask that we all cheer our teams on!!!! It doesn't cost anything to cheer and be loud.As great of an organization as we are,why at our home field the opposing teams fans and parents are louder than we are?.last year in the playoffs against the chiefs there was so much energy and that kind of energy our boys feed off of.So lets represent and show our boys we are one big Raider Family!!! Again it doesn't cost to cheer,many of us show passion towards college and the Kansas City Chiefs lets have the same passion for our boys go Raiders!!!!!!


September 26, 2012
1:33:01 PM

Entry #: 3984424
I agree with Papa Rhino. If we all sit on the hill together not only will it give the kids the black out effect but we will be heard more across the entire field. I know the tents are nice in the endzone but it will only be 70 degrees Saturday so lets get up on the hill together. I also encourage parents of older kids to come early and parents of younger kids to stay all day.

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