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Author TOPIC: Thank You Raiders

September 30, 2012
1:09:47 PM

Entry #: 3986550
On behalf of the rest of the league I want to say thanks for slapping down the Sharks organization yesterday & bringing them back to reality, especially the 7th/8th grade team. For the last 3-5 weeks all we've heard is how big,bad,tough & fast they were, how they were the new "big dog" on the block, how the Raiders were old news, how bad they were going to beat you. I confess I'm not a big fan of your organization, but you have a track record of extended success & don't go around bragging about it. It was good to see you take the Sharks to school on Saturday. The road to the championship still runs thru the Raiders.

September 30, 2012
6:05:41 PM

Entry #: 3986682
I agree completely, especially on the 7th & 8th grade. It still runs through the raiders with the Wolverines gone, makes it a lot easier for the raiders and the rest of the league. Good Job Raiders.

Another Fan

October 1, 2012
2:43:13 PM

Entry #: 3987277
While the Sharks should be justifiably proud of the progress their organization has made, they made 2 fatal mistakes: 1)NEVER question the Raiders heart or toughness, & 2)NEVER tell the Raiders that they are overrated. Like the previous poster I am not a big fan of the Raiders in general, but I think everyone in the league ought to know by now what is going to happen when you antagonize them. The result is not going to be pretty.

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