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Author TOPIC: Here we go!!!!!!!!
westons mom

August 24, 2013
2:41:25 AM

Entry #: 4085244
Finally .......the first game of the season and I know everyone is as excited as I am to see what this season has in store for our organization. I want to wish everyone good luck today. I know our boys have some injuries we are battling and have lost one of our players for the season who really was a great leader ....roos we are going to miss you on Saturdays .....also tru lets get you healed up and ready to go dominate :) Loomis hopefully we can get you back soon too..... This is a team that has already faced a lot of adversity before week one .....time for our boys to pull together and go win today for our injured boys that can't play that would do anything to be able to put a jersey on and go jump in there!!!! RAIDERNATION........MIGHT AS WELL!!!!!

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