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Author TOPIC: Necco Raider fan gear
Eddy C

September 3, 2013
9:32:45 PM

Entry #: 4087800
I was wondering if anybody knew when we will be able to purchase some Necco Raider fan gear? I'm all about representing Raider Nation especially before our first home game. I just can't get myself to go and buy some Oakland Raider gear in the meantime! Lol!

Chris Robinson

September 4, 2013
8:52:36 AM

Entry #: 4087883
There was a form that went home with every player to order things. If you did not get one I believe that you can get one at the concession stand.

Eddy C.

September 4, 2013
8:09:22 PM

Entry #: 4088125
Yeah my son didn't have any order forms so I checked out the concession stand at tonight's game and one of the ladies said that they should have the tent set up for selling shirts and stuff.

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