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Author TOPIC: Parent help
Clayton Gray

September 5, 2013
10:27:04 AM

Entry #: 4088247
Raider Families,

I was walking up from our practice last night and I saw that the 5th/6th grade team mom was carrying the table we use for the sound system from the top of the hill, and one of the coaches from 3/4th was single handedly carrying the audio speakers down the hill. We really could have used that coach down at the practice field with our team. I know everyone is really busy but it would be so helpful if everyone can help set up the game field and break down the game field. If everyone chips in 5 min the whole process will take 5 min. Coaches and team moms are putting in many extra hours to make our football club work. We really need help from everyone please, please step in and lend a helping hand.

It takes a village to run a football club :)

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