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Author TOPIC: Enjoy It
Joe Sciara

November 1, 2013
1:09:22 PM

Entry #: 4101934
Your kids are part of the best organization in football. The evidence is everywhere on Friday nights. Former Raiders are leaders of their respective teams and impact players all over the metro. Blue Springs, Liberty, St. Pius, Rockhurst, Staley, Liberty North, Park Hill South, etc., etc. Do you ever ask yourself if being the parent of a football player is worth it?

Some of you remember me. Some of you don't. I was just like you for many years. My sons Charlie and Sal were Raiders from 3rd - 8th grade and Tommy from 2nd - 8th (2002 - 2009). This was before the league offered flag football, or they would have started earlier. Sal retired from football after he and Charlie finished their senior year at St. Pius. Charlie is still playing, now in his 2nd year at Missouri Western where he is a linebacker. Tommy is a senior at Rockhurst where tonight they begin the class 6 playoffs. The realization that tonight's game (or any subsequent playoff game) could be his last high school game is tough to get my head around. While he will likely play in college like his older brother, it is not the same. When they are in college you don't wash their uniform or their disgusting dirty clothes and you don't trip over their dirty cleats in garage. When they are in college, you are strictly a spectatorjust like everybody else. Being a parent of a young football player is hard. Practices, laundry, games, bumps, bruises, playing time, etc. Lots of demands and lots of pressure. The only thing harder is facing the reality that it will very soon come to an end.

Good luck this weekend. Enjoy every second of it.

November 4, 2013
11:06:42 PM

Entry #: 4102712
so true, so true! This organization is great and the time spent watching your son go from flag to 8th grade goes so very fast. Take every sec in as much as possible. Good to see coach Joe on Saturday at NKC. Looking forward to him coaching in Silver and Black again soon.

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