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Author TOPIC: 5th/6th Coaches
Chewy's Mom

November 17, 2013
4:30:33 PM

Entry #: 4105050
I wanted to take a moment to give a proper word of thanks to the coaches. I tried last night at the banquet but only made it through two of the seven and teared-up both times. (Dang 8th-graders had me all verklempt) So, please allow me to express my gratitude here:
Thank you for giving my son and our family the opportunity to be a part of this organization. He owes you all mightily for the skills you have taught him. I am not sure he would have developed those skills elsewhere. You don't have to give your free-time to coach this children, but you do. You don't have to give these children the opportunity to play, but you do. Those things speak to your overall character.
As the mother of a pre-teen boy, I am always worried about the things that will influence his development into a young man of character. I am grateful that he has role-models such as yourselves. I can not speak highly enough of all of the Necco coaches or the Necco Raiders organization.
I look forward to next year and the new set of coaches that will bring, but you all, as Hayden's first tackle coaches, will always be special to him.
Many Thanks,
Sarah Parrish

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