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Author TOPIC: Great Necco Raider Stories
Black and Silver Historian

September 22, 2014
8:25:35 PM

Entry #: 4146454
What is your greatest story as a Necco Raider? in the sprit of Homecoming, let us know some of your great stories with the Necco Raiders.

September 24, 2014
3:45:14 PM

Entry #: 4146673
They are all great! Maybe at times hard, but they are all great!

And when it is over... it is the hardest part because you don't ever want it to end...

The Friendship, Love, and Courage makes us all great champions!

Raider for Life!

Blue Springs 3/4th Raiders Game 2012

September 25, 2014
11:01:07 AM

Entry #: 4146764
Not being really in the inner circle or being a Raider previous to my kids playing here I would say my favorite memory of our 6 years spent at the Raiders was two years ago when our 3/4th grade team went and played The Blue Springs Wildcats. The Wildcats where heavily favored due to size, only being 4th graders and the stature of playing in a better league. We smoked them 30 something to 6. By far my fondest memory. Like the previous writer said at times its hard to pick great memories as you have to wade through a lot of the not so great ones to get to the good stuff but thats by far too me was better than even the two superbowl wins my son has been apart of.

September 26, 2014
12:43:58 PM

Entry #: 4146907
One great night was the 2005 7th & 8th grade Superbowl at St. Pius High School. After losing to the Jets in the Championship game of the Simone Tournament and losing to them in the regular season 12 to 28. The Black and Silver led by Sal Belfonte beat the Jets in the Superbowl 20 to 8 in a very hard hitting game where the smaller NECCO team dismantled the bigger Northland Jets ending the Jets streak of 3 straight Superbowl Championships in a row!

Coach Cascone

September 26, 2014
2:28:00 PM

Entry #: 4146921
As a former Raider player and now a coach, I have so many great memories from this organization. Most recently, coaching the kids that make up this years 8th graders in the 6th grade championship game against the Chargers. The Chargers beat us during the season, ON HOMECOMING! From the moment I got to NKC High School that night, I knew we would not lose again. The Chargers had a stud on thier defense, and we pounded the ball at him over and over, isolating him with #18 Chopper Mordecai, go ahead and ask him who won that battle when you see him! We had big plays in our passing game, #15 Alex Roush to #21 Drew Mackey and #33 Ben Wade. #10 Nathan Gray was awesome on both sides of the ball and made the hit of the year on a kickoff. Oh and Coach Simone threw (literally) Tom D off the field!

More great memories to be made!! Big weekend Raiders!


September 29, 2014
3:57:46 PM

Entry #: 4147252
Coach Cascone have to agreee that was a great game. As they were heavily favored and beat us pretty good if I recall in reg season and we pounded them in that super bowl. That was fun to watch.

October 1, 2014
9:06:58 PM

Entry #: 4147545
The 8th grade 2009 super bowl!!!!!

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