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Author TOPIC: Little Raiders
Lori Gardner

October 4, 2014
7:12:43 PM

Entry #: 4147853
I just want to say that we love being part of the raider family!! The problem I have is that the older raiders are allowed to play and mess around on the field during the flag games, whether the game be away or at home. I think it shows a ton of disrespect to the Raiders that are just learning to play the game. I know there are other parents that feel this way because we have talked about it. Lets show the little ones the same respect we give the big ones, they deserve it too. Its not only distracting to the small kids but to the parents that are trying to watch their child play! Tonight we moved because of the older kids playing on the field and slinging mud on us and throwing footballs over us. Its disrespectful and I don't see other teams doing it.

Tackle Parent

October 5, 2014
1:18:35 AM

Entry #: 4147882
As I see a very smalll piece of your point those same boys and their families are staying and supporting your flag children. It would be nice to see flag kids playing a little catch during tackle games. Come on out and support us because I see nothing but all of us showing your kids respect by staying after long weeks of work school practice and games. I have played in this league and been a raider for 7 years and the boys have always played catch in the part of the field not used in flag. Those same boys make tunnels for your kids to run out of and run the chain gang if asked and even announce your games. WE have bigger fish to fry and we did all day. Great day to be a Raider!

Another Tackle Parent

October 5, 2014
3:13:30 PM

Entry #: 4147945
I agree 100% with the other tackle parent, Also if and when there is an issue then you should ask the child in question where their parent is at and address it with the parent NOT the child....Might As Well!!!!!

Little Raider

October 5, 2014
7:17:06 PM

Entry #: 4147968
I was in NO way trying to say that the tackle kids are not there supporting the younger kids, I think its great many of them stay for the games. As a parent, it can be very distracting when you are watching your little raider play and you are dodging footballs and trying to see through kids playing catch on the sidelines and in the end zone. There is lots of room to run and play I just don't understand why it has to be on the field during another teams game. Anyway, it was just my opinion and meant no harm by it. I had spoke with some other moms who also had a bit of an issue with it. We all raiders and that's what its about.

Tackle Parent

October 6, 2014
10:42:39 AM

Entry #: 4148048
I would suggest setting on the sidelines during away games. the main deal is our boys get used to the parents setting up on the hill on Raider home games so it is not so much of a distraction. Bottom line if the boys are ever obstructing your view just politely ask them to shift their game over. They are boys who have been brought up in the Raider program they know to listen to adults be polite and do what they are told!

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