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Author TOPIC: League Changes
Coach Simone

March 31, 2015
8:48:48 AM

Entry #: 4162358
Hello everyone,
There have been some major league changes over the past month.

• The Smithville Longhorns have decided NOT to return to the NSYFL for the 2015 season.
• The league has decided to break up 3rd & 4th into 2 teams (this year). There will be a 3rd grade team and a 4th grade team this year.
• The league plans on doing the same for 5th & 6th in 2016 and for 7th & 8th in 2017

We as an organization share everyone’s concerns about the state of the NSYFL. The Raiders have been a part of the NSYFL for a long time and we will be part of the NSYFL for the 2015 season. Due to some of the recent events and after a lot of thought and consideration we as an organization have decided to start looking for opportunities outside of the NSYFL. We would like to assure everyone that THE NECCO RAIDERS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. No matter what happens to the NSYFL we will continue to teach our young athletes about 73 – LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, COURAGE & CHAMPIONS for many more years to come.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the recent changes.

Rodney Clark

April 10, 2015
10:35:37 PM

Entry #: 4163074
I've recently relocated to the area from Jacksonville Florida. I originally grew up here and remember the Raiders team. It's incredible to see how much the reputation has grown over time. I am anxious to sign my 5th grade son up to play in the upcoming season. When exploring league changes I would say to avoid weight restricted league's.
Thanks, Rodney

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