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Author TOPIC: worried

July 2, 2015
10:29:47 AM

Entry #: 4172039
I am hearing rumors from other parents that the sign ups are not going well through out the league especially on the new 3rd grade and 4th grade levels. I have also heard there is a lack of coaching on the levels also. Can someone please confirm if this is true. What is the back up plans for not enough teams to play due to lack of children and coaching. I know this may not be true for us here but what about the rest of the league?

Anthony Simone

July 23, 2015
9:23:12 AM

Entry #: 4174801
Our numbers Look GREAT and we will ALWAYS have plenty of QUALIFIED coaches. Yes it is true that the state of the league isn't good but we are currently working on a project that could really improve the competition our boys see and the overall experience for our players. We do see the issues and we are working on resolving all of them. Have faith in us and you will not be disappointed. We are looking forward to another AWESOME year. It's a great day to be a Raider!!!

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