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Author TOPIC: Wake Up!
Darth Raider

July 23, 2015
7:35:08 PM

Entry #: 4174894
I can't believe how dead this message board is! Raider football starts on August 3rd, people!! Where's the fire, the passion, the enthusiasm? It's been 2 years since my son played his last game as a Raider & I still look forward to each new season. Time to get fired up!! Might as well!!!


July 28, 2015
3:19:32 PM

Entry #: 4175673
Get rid of your pager and join us in the 21st century. There is plenty of excitement on our FB page (FB stands for "Facebook"). Click the following link to follow us on FB. It's A GREAT Day To Be A RAIDER!!

Darth Raider

July 28, 2015
10:15:41 PM

Entry #: 4175758
Haha! Thanks for the advice Luke, but I'll stick with the official team website. Facebook & it's evil twin Twitter are too full of wannabe celebs who think the entire world is waiting breathlessly to know what's going on in their lives. But to each his own...


July 29, 2015
8:48:56 AM

Entry #: 4175802
*LOL! I hear ya Darth. You heard the man Raiders. It's time to get fired up!! 5 Days and counting! *#MAW *#GreatDayToBeaRaider

Translation for Darth*
LOL = That stands for laugh out loud*
# = Twitter Hashtag Reference*

Darth Raider

July 29, 2015
12:13:55 PM

Entry #: 4175842
Luke, you're killin' me, man!!!

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