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Author TOPIC: 5/6th Raiders
Coach Simone

November 7, 2016
11:44:08 AM

Entry #: 4211189
5th & 6th Grade Raiders,

I am so proud of each and everyone of you. I know Saturday was a tough night for us but I so proud of how you all handled yourselves. I left the complex Saturday night thinking that ALL of our boys gave us 100% all night and after watching the film, that holds true for all of our 5/6 Raiders. We played our best game of the year and everyone of you left it all on the field.

Unfortunately, things didn't go our way despite our best efforts. It's not about the wins and losses here, it's about learning to play the game and live your life with LOVE, FRIENDSHIP & COURAGE. You guys did that and because of that you are CHAMPIONS!

Thank you ALL so much for playing as hard as you did for your brothers and us coaches. You are all a true representation of our great organization.

I was not sad or upset after watching the film, I was PROUD of each and everyone of you. In my 10 years coaching It was truly one of my proudest moments as a coach. Thank you so much. I love you ALL!

Coach Simone

Metha Cox

November 7, 2016
2:34:42 PM

Entry #: 4211207
Couldn't agree more!

Former Raider Dad & Coach

November 7, 2016
4:34:21 PM

Entry #: 4211215
And that Email from Coach Simone is what makes this place special. I was fortunate enough to not only coach with Coach Simone I was also lucky enough to have him spend multiple years with both of my sons. I can flat guarantee that they both along with myself are better people because of the time shared with Coach Simone.
If anyone ever asks me for any type of parenting advice about raising boys (Which probably won't EVER happen! Lol) I would most definitely steer them in the direction of the NECCO Raiders!! What a great place to teach young boys values, morals, hard work, team work and character!!

Great Work Ant!! Keep it up!!

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