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Author TOPIC: Good Luck Raiders in the Playoffs
Raider parent

October 29, 2007
2:48:34 PM

Entry #: 2445550
Great to see that we have 5 teams in postseason play. It would have been nice to get all 6 teams in, and from what I hear the Silver Flag team was very close to getting in. Bottom line the Raiders organization did very well in the regular season!

Now let's go out and win 4 titles!

October 31, 2007
11:28:32 AM

Entry #: 2449005
GOOD LUCK to all the NECCO RAIDERS. We wish you all the best in the playoffs and we know all your hard work will pay off in the end.

LUCK is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!


Raider parent

November 2, 2007
11:35:34 PM

Entry #: 2453603
Good Luck Raiders!!!
You all have worked so hard and have done so well. It's been such a great year and you all should be so proud, Raider Proud. Let's keep up the raider class and give our 100% to show who we are. Thanks to our great coaches and Mr.Simone for all you do. We could not do it without them and your great talents. Go Raiders

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