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Author TOPIC: Competition
Cheerleader Mom

November 5, 2007
8:30:56 AM

Entry #: 2456617
The cheerleaders were a little disappointed at the lack of support from the players at competition. Linda you are a tough girl. This cheerleading mom is VERY PROUD of the girls.

raider parent

November 6, 2007
5:33:04 AM

Entry #: 2458747
What competition are you refering to?If the players don't know about it how are we supposed to go.This site is not for trying to make people feel bad.


November 6, 2007
12:30:00 PM

Entry #: 2459485
I am sure you girls did a great job at the competition, as you do every Saturday at games. Whenever you all are doing competition, make fliers so the football coaches can hand them out to the boys and I am sure you will get more support. Keep up the good work!!!

November 6, 2007
3:00:51 PM

Entry #: 2459875
I would love to see cheerleaders for ALL age groups, for our Raider boys! We think you do great, also.

Clayton Gray

November 7, 2007
9:48:54 PM

Entry #: 2463004
Let me know if we do anything like this again and I will make sure we get the information on the site. The cheerleaders are great and a big part of this organization, so getting people to support our cheerleaders won't be hard.

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