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Author TOPIC: Raider football withdrawals...

November 20, 2007
10:18:42 AM

Entry #: 2484298
Let me guess, you thought I was a player or even a Dad? No, I'm a Mom! Here is what I miss: the sweltering heat at the beginning of the season, those crazy gnats that bit me no matter what I put on, not getting my son to respond to me unless I call him by his last name or nickname that the coaches gave him, hearing my son get congratulated for a job well done, hearing the coaches "discuss" with my son what he could do better and seeing if he brings it up before I do, getting almost ran over by a bunch of players no matter where I put my chair and wondering if the coaches' watches were set in our time zone! HA!

The point if this. It was all worth it! Our family absolutely loved being a part of the Raider's this year. The coaches were awesome and taught my son a lot about character, perseverance and of course, football! My son didn't know quite what to do with himself last night. We didn't either. Then the phone rings. It's another Raider Mom. Guess what? Her son and family feel exactly like we do. Thank you coaches for an excellent season.

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