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Author TOPIC: 5/6 Coaching and Team

October 26, 2008
3:04:08 PM

Entry #: 2961830
Kudos to the fine preperation and coaching that was done this last week against the Wolverines. I expected to see a much closer game, but our coaches prepared all our players on what to expect. Keep up the great work Raiders! You have all worked hard and it shows on the field. Your class off the field is a great example of superior sportsmanship! You all make us proud.

October 26, 2008
9:52:08 PM

Entry #: 2962310
Well said. I'd like to add to this by adding some quotes from a popular football movie. "People don't want heart, they want wins..." was said during a deciding moment in the movie. Well, we have the best of both worlds since we have a coaching staff that is able to give us the wins and just as importantly, they do it with heart! Our son couldn't have found a better coaching staff. Another quote is "Character is tested when you're up against it." We feel that the coaches are excellent role models for our son in that they are constantly striving to not only teach him to be the best player he can be but also to teach character-building in our young players. Character-building is just as important in teaching young minds. Thanks Coaches!

October 28, 2008
9:28:35 PM

Entry #: 2965742
you say the raiders dont trash talk. think again

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