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Author TOPIC: On the sidelines
Stephanie O'Dear

November 11, 2008
9:56:26 PM

Entry #: 2984872
Before the season is over, and we are all reminiscing, four people are worthy of some serious praise and recognition for the ways they quietly and significantly make the Raiders such an exceptional organization. The things they do, do not “just happen” and they deserve kudos for their efforts on the sidelines all season long.

First, Mary Kay Sharp, who oversees the concession operations. Mary Kay is always organized and provides us and our guests great service and great food which helps raise a lot of money for the team. No small feat in less than ideal facilities. Savina Raybourn works hard every home game and then some to make Raider apparel available and good-looking, also contributing so much to team spirit and fundraising. You like this website and all its features? Then give Clayton Gray a nod for his super work keeping us digitally engaged with the Raider community and managing one of the best youth sports sites around.

Lastly, but not even close to least, is Tom Sciortino. I don’t think anyone can truly appreciate the ways he is always moving the team forward, covering our backs and getting every aspect of this organization in shape every year. He is a tireless, dedicated person who not only makes San Rafael look better than it ever would without him, but he makes the Raiders look better in the process. One cannot imagine the things he handles - it’s quite a list indeed. We might be a good team without him, but not a great one.

Our records affirm that our coaches and players are amazing too, but before the equipment is put away and the trophies are handed out, tell each of these special people how much they are appreciated. Thanks everyone – you are simply, the best.

Savina Raybourn

November 17, 2008
10:19:50 PM

Entry #: 2992545
Stephanie, Thanks for the acknowledgement although it was not necessary. I do think MaryKay,Clayton & especially Tom do more than deserve ALL the praise. Tom works really hard all year long to preserve the tradition my Uncle Anthony started with the Raiders & in keeping our cousin Tommys memory & legacy alive. I'm glad to see him get the thanks & recognition he deserves.

What ALOT of people may not realize is that you deserve a huge Thank You for all of the time & work you have done for our organization behind the scenes. I know you have put in alot of effort in helping us apply for the grants & updating the field. So thanks for your dedication & most importantly your time.

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