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Author TOPIC: superbowl

November 16, 2008
9:18:38 PM

Entry #: 2991016
all four of our raider teams are in the superbowl.ALso great game Nathan Gray.lets go out and everybody trie hard. Might as well!!!!!

Nathan Gray

November 17, 2008
3:42:54 PM

Entry #: 2992052
thank you for saying that John Frank you are a good friend. Good luck and I hope you win the super bowl. I can't wait to be on your team next year.


November 17, 2008
4:38:08 PM

Entry #: 2992125
Hope you guys win too.You can do it.I cant wait to be on your team.

Jackson Bodinson

November 24, 2008
8:38:47 PM

Entry #: 3000356
Yea, we did it Nathan. Good job. Congratulations to you John Frank, too. I hope we all get to play on the same team next year, and do it again.

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