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Author TOPIC: Raider quotes and comments needed!
Stephanie O'Dear

November 30, 2008
7:47:29 PM

Entry #: 3004378
Hey Raiders,

We are in the final stages of compiling our materials for a significant grant. It has taken a year to get to his point and now, we want to add the personal dimension only you can offer. In building our case, we want to include quotes or comments from members of the Raider organization that can attest to the experience and what it has meant to you. We will include as many as possible on a range of aspects and different perspectives. It does not need to be long, just authentic and genuine - true stories and anecdotes will be an asset to telling the Raider story.

Please submit directly to me by December 10: e-mail to or FAX to 816-584-995. Please indicate the year(s) you have been involved and the team on which you/your son(s) played this past year.

Thank you for your help as we work towards putting together a strong grant proposal. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

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