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Author TOPIC: national champions

April 17, 2009
4:32:43 PM

Entry #: 3127275
former raiders collin batesel and morgan fitzgerald are a part of the kearney powerlifting team that won a national championship at the NASA 2009 high school nationals in oklahoma city over the april 4th and 5th weekend. collin placed 3rd in his freshman-sophmore weight class and morgan placed 6th in his fresh.-soph. class. with them both being freshmen this is quite an accomplishment.

Scott D.

April 18, 2009
3:17:03 PM

Entry #: 3127764
Great job Collin and Morgan, keep working hard, and great accomplishment as Freshman, that is awesome!!! Thanks for posting Rod and would like to hear from other former Raiders as well. Don't forget to come back and see us in the fall.

Donnie Mordecai

April 22, 2009
10:14:45 AM

Entry #: 3131341
Great Job Morgan and Collin!! You both are great kids that I truly enjoyed coaching and I am sure that every coach you ever have will feel the same way!! Come back and see us!

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