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Author TOPIC: Running game for 5/6 team.

October 10, 2009
9:08:44 AM

Entry #: 3300565
The running game is great but it could be 1% better. gotta work on holding our blocks. the running backs (Foizol, Heyne, Aziere) hit the hole well. The b-team had a good game running the ball. Palmer, Nate, Jack,and Narron are good. With the new formation they ran, Dunn had a great stiff arm, Ceaser ran the ball, Baker got a touchdown, and Mario had two big runs. Good job.

Clayton 18

October 10, 2009
7:02:32 PM

Entry #: 3300839
Who are you mystery man?


October 16, 2009
7:24:52 PM

Entry #: 3307115
My Identity is to be hush hush.

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