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Author TOPIC: 7th & 8th Grade Raiders
Coach Simone

November 6, 2009
3:50:38 PM

Entry #: 3330503
It has been a pleasure to coach you guys this year. One of the most talented and focused group of players I have coached in 4 years. Tomorrow, come out and bring the pain. Don't stop hitting for 48 mintues. Make the wolverines remember who you are! Don't let that man across from you beat you once. This is what you guys have worked so hard for this yearSUPER BOWL. No team has worked as hard as you all year. It will show tomorrow. Stay focused and do your job.

O-Line & D-Line

Lets control the game all day tomorrow. Lets drive them up and down the field all day. Lets make tackles in the back field, make sacks and don't stop hitting. Remember where the game is won.....UP FRONT

Get good rest tonight and come prepared to play.

PS. Were going to HIT them all day baby!!!!

coach Simone

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